The Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV) is an entrepreneur-led community helping to grow and support Kansas City entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem.

Our mission: Foster the education of entrepreneurs and increase the number opportunities for startups to succeed through programming, recruitment and knowledge sharing.

Our vision: Establish the KCSV as a hub of the Greater Kansas City startup community and serve as an example and resource for other startup communities.

Our core values:

  • High density environment that encourages collisions, collaboration and connectedness.
  • Next generation Internet (Google Fiber) helps bridge political and social boundaries and enables new kinds of collaboration.
  • The entrepreneurial journey can be isolating; connecting with other entrepreneurs makes it easier.
  • Entrepreneurs make excellent educators and testers for other entrepreneurs.
  • Quick iterations and rapid prototyping provide startups with more opportunities to succeed at an accelerated pace.
  • Failure happens. True entrepreneurs learn from the past and move on to their next venture.
  • We are good neighbors.
  • We learned from the example of other communities and we have a responsibility to share what we’ve learned about building a startup community with other leaders, dreamers and pioneers.

If you are interested in joining the KCSV, please click here.  There are no join fees or applications to submit. We’re an open community, and we’re seeking like-minded, local/regional/national startups and entrepreneurs who are interested in growing their business in the Kansas neighborhoods of Hanover Heights/Spring Valley and Frank Rushton and the Missouri neighborhoods of West Plaza North and West Plaza South.

Join the growing list of startups who have already made the KCSV their home.  Be on the forefront of the fastest Internet speeds available in the nation, and imagine how it can take your startup to new heights.

Got questions?  Contact us!

KCSV: A proud member of the Kansas City startup and entrepreneur ecosystem.

psst… Check out The Hitchhikers Guide to the Kansas City Startup Community. It’s awesome.

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