It’s a beautiful day in the fiberhood…

[singlepic id=7 w=320 h=240 float=left] Today turned out to be a rather exciting day for the first KCSV and H4H houses.  During some morning chit chat with the Google Fiber installation crew (we’ve become quite the chums), it was revealed that Google Fiber was actually already installed and connected to our buildings.  Apparently Google connects the fiber lines from the pole to the building even if the resident isn’t home.  Not surprising really.  It’s just another utility box near your electric meter. Only this box holds some pure awesomeness inside.

The whole process is really quite interesting:

  1. First, they connect the fiber line from pole to home and leave it be.
  2. Then, eventually another part of the install crew comes along and does some crazy splicing using this sweet (and very expensive) machine which actually melds the glass together.
  3. Next, they test the fiber connection using yet another machine.
  4. Finally, the Google home crew comes along to finalize the connection process by doing the actual in-home installation.

So far we’ve checked off steps 1, 2 and 3.  Number 4 is all that remains, and then it’s “100x faster.”  Awwwww yeaaaa…

We captured a few photos and videos so y’all could see how the process works.  Check them out here, and subscribe to our RSS feed to follow all of the action “from the ground” as Google continues to hook fiber up in Hanover Heights.  We’ll be blogging through it each step of the way.

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3 comments on “It’s a beautiful day in the fiberhood…
  1. Nicholas Perry says:

    Looks almost exactly like the setup that topsham communication is using for my house in fairlee, vt. Its not gigabit, but 10/10mb is pretty damn fast.

    Squirrels eat fiber lines – true story.

    I loved watching them use a fancy tool to bounce light down the cable to measure how far along the break was.

  2. Mike Marcus says:

    As the word spreads, KC’s image will be greatly enhanced. KCSV and Google Fiber is a perfectly-timed match.

  3. marccanter says:

    Saving pennies in my cookie jar – once its full – I’ll be there!

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