Kansas City, KS – Home Occupation Conditions & Restrictions

Our contact within the unified government of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, KS has revealed the conditions and restrictions which apply to customary home occupations.  These conditions will apply to any startup(s) wishing to operate out of a residential zoned property (aka house).

Sec. 27-609. – Districts R-1, R-1(B), R-2, R-2(B).permanent link to this piece of content

In the R-1, R-1(B), R-2 and R-2(B) districts, accessory uses are as follows:

(1)  Home occupations. Customary home occupations may be allowed subject to the issuance of a home occupation permit by the planning division. The following conditions and restrictions shall apply to such customary home occupations:

a.  No exterior advertising or signs will be erected and no outside display or activity that depicts other than residential activity will be allowed. Advertising shall not include any address, but only a telephone number.

b.  Only members of the immediate family residing on the premises will participate in the home occupation on the premises.

c.  No machinery or equipment will be used that will interfere with radio or television reception on nearby property.

d.  No heavy equipment, trucks of greater than 10,000 pounds GVWR or other objects that are not typically residential in character will be stored on the premises.

e.  No sales of merchandise will be conducted on the premises, and no service will be rendered that will require customer presence except on an irregular and incidental basis, but babysitting is excluded from the standard.

f.  No inventory or storage, other than samples, is maintained on the premises.

Home occupations that do not meet the criteria of this subsection shall be permitted only by special use permit but must meet accessory use requirements regarding storage of equipment, material, or vehicles.

For more information, please visit the Wyandotte County – Unified Government, Kansas, Code of Ordinances:


To download the KCK – Home Occupation Permit Form, please visit our Documents page.

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