Kansas City, MO – Home Occupation Guidelines

We’ve recently received information from our contact in the city of Kansas City, MO government which includes the definition of a household as defined in the Kansas City Zoning and Development Code.  It is as follows:

88-810-700 HOUSEHOLD

Household means an individual; or two or more persons related by blood, marriage or adoption; or a group of not more than five persons, excluding servants, who need not be related by blood or marriage, living together and subsisting in common as a separate nonprofit housekeeping unit which provides one kitchen; or a group of eight or fewer unrelated mentally or physically handicapped persons, which may include two additional persons acting as houseparents or guardians who need not be related to each other or to any of the mentally or physically handicapped persons residing in the home.

Furthermore, our contact had this to say about starting your “home” startup business:

“… we’re ready for you and our processes are startup entrepreneur-friendly!  First of all, we don’t care how many businesses you run from your home as long as you comply with the home occupation guidelines.  If your home is occupied by 5 unrelated persons as allowed in the definition of “family,” each of those persons can have their own businesses and can participate in the businesses of others in the home or collaboratively engage with anyone in the world via your gigabit connection.  For more information on KCMO business regulations see http://www.kcbizcare.com where you can also apply for your zoning clearance online via http://ww4.kcmo.org/zoningcl.nsf/application?openform.

In the last year, KCMO has licensed over 784 new home-based businesses and none of them required a special use permit.  These businesses represent a broad range of industries but we know they include tech entrepreneurs of all types.  Again, compliance with KCMO home occupation guidelines is absolutely required but not difficult for this type of business.

So if you are currently residing in KCMO and waiting for your gigabit connection, start your business now!”

If you have any additional questions about operating your startup out of a residential zoned property, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right individuals.

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