Homes for Hackers Clean-up Day = SUCCESS!

Homes for Hackers Clean-up DayWhat a day, what a DAY!  It’s safe to say that the clean-up event for the first Homes for Hackers house @ 4428 State Line Rd was a massive success.  Thanks to the 20+ volunteers who amassed on the morning of November 3, 2012, we accomplished a complete clean-up (inside and out) of the house.

Entrepreneurs, startup owners, Google Fiber employees, lawyers, government representatives and more combined their efforts to turn this newly acquired house by Ben Barreth (founder of the Homes for Hackers project) into a hackers paradise.

For photos and videos of the event, check out the Homes for Hackers Gallery.

Special thanks to Nancy Thomas, Jack Hayhow and the many others who generously donated the supplies, accessories and furniture to the hacker home.

Please consider donating funds to Ben Barreth so he can continue providing free rent to the hackers of the house.  It’s not cheap to buy and maintain a house and dedicate it to hackers for free.  There are bills to pay, supplies to provide, and many bits and pieces which still need to be fixed and maintained.  Ben has sacrificed a lot, and the community can do a lot to support him.  $5, $10, $20 or more will go a long way to ensure the hacker house survives and thrives.

Financial donations can be sent to Ben using Dwolla and/or Paypal:

Ben’s Dwolla ID: 812-594-1215
(Click HERE to see a video on how to send money using Dwolla)

Ben’s Paypal Email: websiteguru [at] gmail [dot] com
(Click HERE to see a video on how to send money using Paypal)

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