Fiber Fridays! Episode 2 – Mass Streaming over Google Fiber.

Episode 2

First off, apologies for not getting a Fiber Fridays episode out last week.  Our beloved Homes for Hackers resident hacker and Fiber Fridays guru, @NickBudi, was under the weather.  He’s back on his feet now, and delivers an awesome episode this week.

When you have the power of Google Fiber and a 1Gbps pipe, bandwidth is no longer an issue.  Mediocre Internet speeds into and out of the home are a thing of the past.  In fact, as you’ll see in this week’s video, if you’re trying to gobble up as much data as you can with one computer, it’s actually the capacity of the computer itself which becomes the bottleneck.

Remember, if you have any Fiber Fridays suggestions, please send them to us using the #KCSV contact form.

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