Fiber Fridays! Episode 5 – YouTube Uploads : Google Fiber vs USA Average

Episode 5

TGIF!  Let us start your morning off right with a little Fiber Fridays goodness.  Each Friday we showcase something possible when you have the power of Google Fiber and 1Gbps at your fingertips.

This week we focus our attention on upload speeds.  We’ve shown you a few times the power of Google Fiber and downloading data at 1Gbps, but what about uploads?  The average upload speed in the USA according to Ookla, makers of, is 4.148Mbps (  Compared to Google Fiber’s theoretical upload speeds of 1000Mbps, that’s quite a difference.

In order to show what this means in real-world terms, we’ve decided to upload the same 1.31GB HD 1080p movie to YouTube, once at 4.148Mbps and once at 1000Mbps.  See for yourself the amazing difference in upload times.

Remember, we love Fiber Friday suggestions.  Send your requests to us.  Be sure your idea is something that showcases the true power of super broadband upload/download Internet speeds.

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