Fiber to Fiber Speedtest: Google Fiber (Kansas City) to EPB (Chattanooga)

We’ve been using Google Fiber in the #KCSV for a few months now, and the speeds are pretty sick.  However, long before Google started laying dark fiber and lighting up the village, Chattanooga was kicking it on the Internet @ 1Gbps.  Several years ago, the EPB built a smart grid connecting over 160,000 homes with fiber, offering them packages for Internet speeds from 25Mbps to 1Gbps.  This made Chattanooga one of the first gigabit cities in America.

When Google chose Kansas City as the first city to receive it’s fiber services, we quickly joined Chattanooga and the growing list of gigabit enabled cities around the world.  One of the first things we did when we came online was do a Google Fiber speedtest to a server based in downtown Kansas City (about 5 miles from the village).  It clocked in at 941.65Mbps download and 943.28Mbps upload.  Not too shabby.

That’s cool and all, but what about REAL WORLD speedtest results? What kind of speeds can we see when one gigabit city connects to another gigabit city?  Thankfully, the EPB has a speedtest server which lets us find out.  Normally, they limit speedtests to their server to a maximum of 100Mbps, but they kindly removed the restrictions for us by whitelisting our IP address.

On a sunny April day in the #KCSV, we fired off a speedtest from Kansas City (Google Fiber) to Chattanooga (EPB) and here are the results: 490Mbps download and 193Mbps upload.  Also, not too shabby.

Now, what’s next for us to do?  While we’re busy thinking about that, why don’t you tell us what YOU would do with a gigabit Internet connection.  We love ideas from fellow entrepreneurs, geeks, technologists and thought leaders.

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