Fiber Fridays! Episode 3 – Real-time music collaboration with Google Fiber & CYBERJAMMER.

Fiber Fridays with CYBERJAMMER

Episode 3 Hello friends!  Apologies for missing last week’s Fiber Fridays yet again.  We’re still trying to sort out our routine, and hopefully we won’t miss any more Fiber Fridays.  In fact, if you have any suggestions or requests, please

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Fiber Fridays! Episode 2 – Mass Streaming over Google Fiber.

Fiber Fridays - s1 ep2

Episode 2 First off, apologies for not getting a Fiber Fridays episode out last week.  Our beloved Homes for Hackers resident hacker and Fiber Fridays guru, @NickBudi, was under the weather.  He’s back on his feet now, and delivers an

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Fiber Fridays! Episode 1 – Google Fiber speed test on

Fiber Fridays - s1 ep1

Episode 1 Welcome to Fiber Fridays, a new series by the #KCSV! Each Friday we’ll showcase something incredible that’s possible when you have Google Fiber and 1Gbps at your fingertips.  This week, our very own Homes for Hackers resident, @NickBudi,

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Homes for Hackers Clean-up Day = SUCCESS!


What a day, what a DAY!  It’s safe to say that the clean-up event for the first Homes for Hackers house @ 4428 State Line Rd was a massive success.  Thanks to the 20+ volunteers who amassed on the morning

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Homes for Hackers – Got Stuff?

** UPDATE ** There is a Google Doc (link below) with a bigger list of needs.  Please take a look and write your name next to anything you can bring.  Thx! ************** Our good friends at the Homes for

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Hellooooo, Kansas City!

Sorry we’re late.  It took us a little while to get back around to this neck of the woods, but we’re finally here.  Silicon Valley kept us longer than we expected, and our first stops heading East (Boulder, Las Vegas,

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