The Kansas City Startup Village is a community initiative supporting entrepreneurs and Kansas City’s startup ecosystem. Donations of any size large or small are greatly appreciated and accepted on behalf of the KCSV by Kansas City Startup Foundation. Your contribution is deductible for federal income tax purposes as allowable by law. Thanks in advance for your support.

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Contribution Terms of Use

  1. The Kansas City Startup Village (“KCSV”), a non-commercial community, has adopted this Contribution Terms of Use (“Agreement”) to make you aware of the terms and conditions of any gift to KCSV, made electronically or physically, including but not limited to cash, services, or property. By clicking “I accept” checkbox, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions herein and agree to be bound by them.
  2. The KCSV is a non-commercial, volunteer-based initiative to promote and support entrepreneurs. Any gifts made to KCSV will be used to pay expenses incurred (including but not limited to costs associated with promotional materials and events, and other costs associated with operations) and to support the Homes for Hackers program, a group of non-commercial spaces dedicated to technology entrepreneurs.
  3. By making a gift to the KCSV and by your acts in conformance with this agreement, you give to the KCSV all of your right, title, and interest in the gift, and that KCSV has sole discretion to use and distribute the funds. You understand that no consideration for the gift has been offered or provided by the KCSV, nor do you expect to receive any consideration, and that you have no expectation of repayment or acquisition of cash, goods, services, or the like, upon the receipt of the gift by the KCSV.
  4. You understand that any gift made to the KCSV is not deductible as (1) a “charitable contribution” for federal or state income taxation purposes or (2) any other deduction purposes. You further understand that you are solely liable, and assume sole liability, for any and all federal gift tax liability incurred by reason of this gift, in accordance with I.R.C. §§ 2001, 2501(a)(1), 2511, and release, indemnify, and hold harmless the KCSV and those who operate it from all liability for any gift tax.
  5. This Agreement is subject to any Terms of Use posted on the KCSV’s website (