startup-communitiesThe KCSV was built by and continues to be led by volunteers.  Much of the influence and direction for the KCSV comes from the book “Startup Communities” written by Brad Feld.  In his book, Brad suggests four fundamental and key components to a successful startup community:

  1. * Entrepreneurs must lead the startup community.
  2. The leaders must have a long-term commitment.
  3. * The startup community must be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in it.
  4. The startup community must have continual activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack.

You’ll notice numbers 1 and 3 have been starred.  It’s important to note that:

  1. The KCSV consists of a group of entrepreneurs volunteering their time and efforts to help the KCSV community come to fruition.
  2. The KCSV is open to anyone and everyone (entrepreneurs, startups and supporters) willing to support the cause, no matter how small or big that support may be.
  3. The KCSV has absolutely ZERO financial motivation, nor does it have a president, mayor or any sort of hierarchical structure.  Anyone is allowed (and encouraged) to take charge in doing things to further the cause.
  4. The KCSV encourages a “give first, get later” mindset.

If you’re interested in joining the KCSV revolution, please contact us so we can know more about you and how you would like to help.