Watch KCSV live streaming events below, and join in the live Twitter conversation using the #KCSV hashtag.

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12 comments on “Livestream
  1. Ron Raney says:

    We in the Delaware Ridge area will be watching and waiting in the wings for our day next fall. Bet any bugs, if any, will be exterminated by then.

  2. Ron Raney says:

    All of us in Delaware Ridge will be watching and waiting for our day to come next fall. All the bugs, if any, should be exterminated by then.

  3. Neil Steiner says:

    Dreams are coming true in the Village!

  4. UPDATE! The Google Fiber Installation live streaming event has been postponed by one day. New date/time is November 13 @ 1pm CST. Spread the news. Thx!

  5. James says:

    So, were going to watch a couple guys run a cable to a box right?

  6. Avi says:

    All I want to see is the hardware and how much bandwidth the average PC can handle, do you think you could actually download a full HD 2gb movie in 16 seconds?

  7. Simba7 says:

    It would depend on how fast your I/O is. To benefit from gbps access, you’d need a decent-spec’d Core i3/i5 system, a good PCI-e GigE network card, and a 2-3 drive RAID0 or a 4 drive RAID5.

  8. James says:

    The video is barely streaming. Like one frame per 10 secs. Arggh

  9. Ben Karleskint says:

    Hopefully they are recording this also and not just livestreaming it.

  10. James Ortega says:

    Choppy as hell! Hopefully they will have an archived version.

  11. Ian Littman says:

    I want traceroutes! Pretty please? 🙂

  12. Hey everyone. Thanks so much for watching the Google Fiber installation live stream. Sincere apologies for the poor quality and choppy connection. Not much we could do about it since were on 3G/4G connection. Once we switched over to Fiber, it was clear streaming…

    So, to answer your questions/comments:

    1) Traceroutes. What URLs/IPs do you want us to traceroute? We’re happy to do so and paste the results here.

    2) Because my phone crapped out at the end of the long streaming session (I ran out of juice), we weren’t able to upload the footage to Ustream. Ugh. Does anyone know if the Ustream app archives the footage on the phone somewhere?

    3) Downloading a full HD 2GB movie in 16 seconds? We’re happy to try. I have a 2nd generation i7 processor, 1TB HD (5400 RPM) and Gigabit Ethernet jack on my laptop PC. Shoot me a link to a 2GB HD movie and I’ll speed test it for ya.

    Also, we have a Netgear R6300 router that supports the new 802.11ac protocol, as well as a Netgear A6200 USB adapter which supports 802.11ac. We plan to hook the router up to the Google Fiber router and then see if we can get some sick wireless speeds. Stay tuned for that action. We might schedule a live streaming event, or just record the action and upload to YouTube.

    Follow our YouTube channel here:

    And follow us on Twitter for any announcements:

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