Tours & Entrepreneurship Panels

The KCSV gives many tours and hosts numerous entrepreneurship panels throughout the year. People from near and far enjoy visiting the village to see it in person and to meet the entrepreneurs and startups who call it home. If you’re interested in a KCSF tour and/or entrepreneurship panel, continue reading and when you’re ready to book your tour/panel submit the request form below.

Take a walk through the village and see many of the houses and office spaces which make up this unique, next-generation incubator model. See the Brad Feld Fiber House, the KC Startup House, and the original Homes for Hackers House. You’ll also have the chance to see the 4454 House which was the first house in the world to get Google Fiber. Walk down Startup Alley which connects many of the KCSV properties, and meet entrepreneurs along the way and hear about their startups firsthand.

Entrepreneurship Panel
Hear from entrepreneurs who are building the latest and great startups right here in Kansas City. Listen to their stories, learn about their journeys, and ask them questions about how to build a startup from start to finish. Topics include how to start a startup, funding, startup life, marketing and sales, team building, startup culture, and more. We assemble best-in-class entrepreneurs for the panel and include a moderator to keep the conversation lively.

Previous panelists include:


Tour Only (30 minutes)

  • 1-4 Individuals: $60 total
  • 5-7 Individuals: $15 / person
  • 8-10 Individuals: $10 / person
  • 11-15 Individuals: $8 / person
  • 16-20 Individuals: $6 / person
  • 21-30 Individuals: $5 / person
  • 31-40+ Individuals: $4 / person

Tour + Entrepreneurship Panel (90 minutes)

  • 5-7 Individuals: $30 / person (2 panelists)
  • 8-10 Individuals: $20 / person (2 panelists)
  • 11-15 Individuals: $17 / person (3 panelists)
  • 16-20 Individuals: $14 / person (3 panelists)
  • 21-30 Individuals: $11 / person (3 panelists)
  • 31-40+ Individuals: $8 / person (3 panelists)

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